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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Name Frame

At the request of a friend on the Cricut Message Board,  I am posting  the directions and pictures of a project I made.

Name Frame

I started with a frame that had inside dimensions of 9 ½ x 12 ½

I covered the insert with light blue cardstock and added the 1 ½ inch border strips. I did the long sides first and filled in with scraps, then added the side pieces to cover it.

I used Pooh and Friends to cut Pooh, Piglet and the sign.

Pooh was cut at 4 inches, shadow was a mustard color and body a lighter yellow. {I picked the closet I had to the color of Pooh} The honey pot was tan and I chalked it to for definition. I used a red textured cardstock for his sweater vest. I colored his nose black and added some details to his face as well. I used a light yellow pencil on his ears—this is very hard to see in the picture.

Piglet was cut at 3 inches with two shades of pink, darker was the shadow. I again colored the face for definition. The little outfit Piglet has on was a pink print that is quite similar to the name cut out.

Sign was cut at 3 inches, tan with a dark brown shadow and green grass. I chalked the sign with a medium brown to bring out the lettering. I cut off the bee and rounded the corner of the shadow and added a butterfly button on that edge.

I cut the tree from Heritage at 5 ½ inches—cut two top layers, one brown and one light green. The shadow was a darker green. I cut the branches off the light green and layered it over the brown before putting it on the dark green shadow. I used textured cardstock for this.

Strip of grass was cut from the same dark green as tree and grass on the sign. I cut it at 10 inches using Paper Dolls for Everyday. When I put it on I had it overlap the plaid frame piece just a smidgen. I slipped the tree trunk down behind it.

The name was cut at 2 ½ inches with Pooh Font. I used a two-tone pink print paper.

Check picture for the placement of the elements.

I feel this could be adapted for almost occasion or theme. Have fun designing one for yourself or a friend. The original idea came from a Stampin’ Up workshop I went to where we made a Thanksgiving one with a 5 inch by 12 inch frame. I made several as Christmas gifts with a Christmas theme.

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  1. Beautiful!!!!! and ~Thanks for the directions!